The Drill’N Man Redux: Psychotic Delusions of Grandeur

viciousThe Drill’N Man (aka: James “Assberries”) resurfaced in the private message inbox for Phelimites and Other Gasholes (Facebook page). If you are not familiar with him, he’s a plagiarist exposed for what he is in a previous blog post. I guess the pathetic dweeb thought he had earned the right to strut, because of mention he received in an American Prospect article. The delusion is his laughable pride in part, but much more too.

He appears to be unaware of the ridicule to which he opened himself up. Aside from trying to pass himself off as a reasonable person—and appearing to be clueless about the concerns of anti-fracking environmentalists—he claimed to have a following of 30,000 subscribers for The Drill’N Man.

Why the author of the piece did not check the facts will likely remain an unknown, but the

truth is his pathetic attempt at journalism does not have enough traffic for Alexis to have any data on the site. As long as he has been promoting his site and Facebook page, the odds are that even the 1,104 “fans” for his page don’t visit it regularly.

The author appears however to have grasped Assberries’ delusional character though:

Only one moment from our interview disquiets me. On the second night, as we sit down with our beers, [Assberries] says, “So I heard you spent some time with Wendy Lee.” I hadn’t mentioned the professor the previous night. I ask how he knows. “I have contacts with every waitress and every…”—here he pauses—“I’ve got everybody pegged. I know crap about people that they don’t know about themselves. Nothing gets done in this business without…”—another pause—“there are double spies and double agents.”


There are words that describe The Drill’N Man—paranoid, delusional, dishonest—but journalist and reasonable are not among them. Nor is rational a word for describing the kind of person who sends private messages to taunt and threaten someone whom they are incapable of besting in public debate.

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